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Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership

Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership is designed to enable leaders to appreciate the rationale for placing purpose and people at the foundation of their leadership approach. It provides a simple, but practical, framework that can be applied across organizations of all types.


The book explores what leading organizations are doing to engage their people and deliver exceptional results, from Apple to Starbucks, and many others. Leaders in these enduring companies don’t view the current state of business from a scarcity mentality - that there aren’t enough people to go around, and that only a small handful of people can create the lion’s share of value. Instead, they focus on the potential genius in everyone and build cultures that support creative output across the entirety of their organizations, thus moving more rapidly from scarcity to abundance.


Through many years of study and research on some of the most enduring companies of this new era, the author produces a compelling statement for the need to reshape organizations to focus on the two fundamentals for success in the 21st Century: Authenticity and Creativity.

What Others are saying about Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership

“Jim Nevada packs a power punch with this book—he gets right to what potential leaders need to hear: We must focus on our purpose and our people—everything else is peripheral.”

Jeffrey J. Fox
New York Times Best-Selling Author of How to Become CEO


“An exciting book, full of deep thought, backed by evidence not personal opinions, and complete with practical applications. I continually highlighted much of the narrative in my copy. Jim Nevada understands that leadership development begins with exploring your inner territory, and how discovering and owning your purpose brings about authenticity in who you are, aligned with why and what you do. He magnifies the lessons provided for each individual out to corporate designs and actions. Well-written and organized, and worthy of discussion within every leadership team.”

Barry Posner, PhD

Coauthor of the International Best Seller, The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations

“To ignite purpose-driven leadership is to do something outside the economic imagination. It is a transformation that eventually alters energy in the entire workforce. It creates engagement and creativity that conventional, economic assumptions will not allow. This extraordinary book will give you the most precious of all leadership gifts, a new imagination and a practical strategy to realize it.”


Robert E. Quinn

Professor, University of Michigan Center for Positive Organizations Author of Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within

“This excellent book tells us why we need to make the shift from a scarcity mentality to one of abundance. For organizations this means bucking the pressure for short term thinking and finding ways to give employees the time, space and support to tap into the creative genius that resides in all of us. Well researched and powerfully backed up by examples of highly successful organizations that have followed this approach.”

Harvey Deutschendorf

Internationally published author of The Other Kind of Smart: Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success



“Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership will have you saying, “Yes! Yes!” again and again. The answers provided here for improving your business will seem so simple and obvious to you after you read this book that you’ll wonder why you haven’t seen them before.”


Patrick Snow
International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur


“This is not your father’s leadership book. As Nevada reveals, we’ve moved into the Era of Human Capital. That means it’s time to see our employees as not just numbers and a means to an end but as powerful creative forces that can help shape and reshape our businesses and get us where we’ve never been before, or might not even have imagined going. It’s proof that the more minds at work, the greater the results.”


Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD
Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place


“Set aside your limiting beliefs and unleash your people’s unlimited potential. Jim Nevada provides the perfect roadmap for today’s turbulent times - forever placing purpose and people at the center of your universe.”

Bill Jensen

Internationally-recognized author of Future Strong, The Courage Within Us, Simplicity, Disrupt!, and Work 2.0



“Jim Nevada weaves his thesis in and out of pertinent observations on the current business landscape as well as through retrospective analysis of pivotal milestones in the evolution of humanity.  His point is clear: leadership isn’t partly about people, it’s all about people. That declaration provides the basis for one of the most important leadership books in years.”

William E. Hadge

President and CEO, GZA


“As I travel throughout the world to build a global organization, it came to me that an essence of purpose-driven strategy is cross border. It can unify many diverse backgrounds of people. In this book, Jim describes a step by step method to build such powerful organizations.... which may impact much more than your bottom line. A secret is out."

Dr. Kit Miyamoto

CEO, Miyamoto International

“Jim Nevada provides a compelling read, charting the successes of a variety of individuals and businesses and, more importantly for the reader, providing the insight into the reasons why. It’s a wakeup call for all leaders to challenge themselves and their teams whether they are doing enough to harness the untapped potential of their people to be creative. This book is well researched, delivers a strong message and, above all, is extremely relevant for the modern-day leader.”

Paul Wood

President, Currie & Brown

“Jim Nevada has a written a must-read book for anyone interested in understanding leadership in an organizational context which goes beyond the usual topics covered in typical business leadership books or discussed in MBA programs. The book relies on many years of hands-on experience of working with and coaching leaders in the corporate world and is not merely a collection of academic thoughts. I highly recommend this book.”

Reza Amirkhalili

President, Faithful & Gould

“As the CEO of a burgeoning company, Igniting Purpose Driven Leadership presents invaluable insight for new and existing business leaders. Jim Nevada delivers a practical approach for a “people-first” business model that is based on purpose-driven values.  He explains how purpose and people are the backbone of successful organizations using examples of highly successful leaders in the military and industry to hammer home techniques to get the best out of people. If you want your business to have an enduring presence with long-term results, Igniting Purpose Driven Leadership is a must read.”


Adam Shepherd
CEO, Go-Energistics

“Jim Nevada has created a very unique approach to capturing the best performance out of people and organizations. Today’s successful leaders will recognize everyone has talents and can contribute to the success of the organization.  Give them direction and get out of their way.”

George Cutler

CEO, The Cutler Group

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