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Being FUTURE READY is not about the innovative approaches you employ, nor is it about the technologies you utilize in your business. Being FUTURE READY is about a "Mindset" and a "Way of Operating" that prepares the business to thrive in a highly-dynamic and rapidly-changing future.


At The NEVADA Group, we have a unique and proven approach to help business leaders and ​their teams shift their mindsets to be FUTURE READY and create a way of operating that helps to future-proof their organizations for the long term.

If you want to learn more about how your business can become FUTURE READY, click on the "Schedule Your Call" link. 

Strategic Advisory Services



Jim’s coaching style allowed me to shift my mindset from dealing with today’s issues to forward thinking strategies to help my leadership team be successful. He opened my mind to new approaches for effective team management. After working with Jim, I feel empowered to take on any challenge. It was the biggest impact on my career at a pivotal point in my journey.

Todd Musterait

President, Ecology & Environment


Jim’s vision and passion for building long-term employee relationships under a framework that looks to the extended term value to the organizations he serves is insightful and a fresh perspective that, when implemented, will not only provide immediate returns, but long-term stability and career opportunities for any organization.

John Hollar

Principal, Geosyntec


Jim provides strategic advisory services with a level of passion and enthusiasm that brings teams thoroughly on board. He is highly respected by the people in the organizations he serves, an approachable individual, and utterly professional in his demeanor.

Nick Harney

Chief Operating Officer, PCtronics

Jim is an exceptional strategic thinker who brings a range of complementary skills to bear in setting direction and executing business strategy.

Iain McWhinney

Director, Johnson & Johnson

Jim is a leader and coach. He is great at setting cohesive strategies for organizations and getting the most out of teams. His executive experience and business success will help other organizations challenge the status quo and refresh their plans to form ambitious but achievable targets with a team mindset.

Sean Cole

Director, Currie & Brown


Jim is one of the most astute people I know. He is able to distill complex information down to its essence to enable actionable items to follow. I learned something from him in every interaction we had.

Steve Burrows

World-renowned engineer and media personality

Jim’s executive coaching methods and his success in implementing purpose-driven leadership has inspired our team to build a creative and collaborative culture that is realizing the abundance of our opportunities. 

Dan Sobrinski, P.E. 

Vice President, Sustainability and Energy


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