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Known as The Teacher or Protagonist, ENFJs are:

  • Expressive - they are are extremely expressive and have extraordinary charisma, and are always finding ways to enlighten all those around.

  • Intuitive - they have well developed intuition, and so they are able to understand people and engage situations with an empathic approach.

  • Idealistic - they are natural visionaries and dreamers and have an extraordinary imagination.

  • Influential - they are natural educators with the uncanny ability to influence those around them without much effort.

  • Interpersonal - they naturally communicate care, concern, and a desire to become involved with others.

  • Principled -  they make it a must to be absolutely reliable in honoring their commitments. 


Some ENFJs can also be:

  • Overly Idealistic

  • Too Selfless

  • Too Sensitive

  • Prone to lack Self-Esteem

  • Averse to Making Tough Decisions

Under stress, ENFJs can become rigidly narrow, emotional and irritable.


How ENFJs typically operate in the workplace:

  • As Subordinates - they quickly make an impression on their managers, because they are quick learners and excellent multi-taskers.

  • As Colleagues - they easily draw their coworkers into teams where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their opinions and suggestions .

  • As Managers - they have a strong capacity for insightful and inspiring communication and sensitivity to the needs of others.


Other well-known ENFJs include:

  • Oprah Winfrey

  • Ben Affleck

  • Jennifer Lawrence

  • Sean Connery

  • Barack Obama

  • Maya Angelou

  • Pope John Paul II

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