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Known as The Promoter or Entrepreneur, ESTPs are:

  • Magnetic- they have a knack for knowing where the action is.

  • Present - they are are engaging and fully present with their audience

  • Unpredictable - they are always in motion and can become restless when they are not on the move.

  • Risk Takers - they are daring thrill seekers, and feel quite at ease exposing themselves and their enterprises to risk.

  • Proactive - they move quickly, aggressively, and preemptively to get to it first before all others do.

  • Tactical -  they are bold, aggressive, and produce results. 


Some ESTPs can also be:

  • Insensitive

  • Impatient

  • Risk-prone

  • Unstructured

  • Prone to miss the Bigger Picture 

  • Defiant

Under stress, ESTPs may become excessively impulsive.


How ESTPs typically operate in the workplace:

  • As Subordinates - they hate having others’ rules and regulations foisted upon them and, thus, are challenged in a subordinate role.

  • As Colleagues - they have a work hard, play hard mentality – as long as everyone else is pulling their weight, they’ll gladly pull their own, and have a great time doing it.

  • As Managers - they are well-suited to handling chaotic and unpredictable environments and will shun order and structure.


Other well-known ESTPs include:

  • Donald Trump

  • Billie Jean King

  • Mohammad Ali

  • Madonna

  • Hugh Hefner

  • Samuel L. Jackson

  • George S. Patton

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