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Known as The Logician or Inventor, INTPs are:

  • Autonomous - they enjoy influencing others to be individuals—to be independent—as "free thinkers".

  • Conceptual - they are gifted in the science of spatial relationships—that is, organization, structure, building, and configuration.

  • Inquisitive - they seek to uncover the fundamental structures of the universe.

  • Logical - they are the foremost exhibitors of precision in thought and language.

  • Preoccupied - they retreat quite often into the world of books and emerge only when physical needs become imperative.

  • Complex -  they prize intelligence, and seem constantly on the lookout for the technological principles and natural laws upon which the real world is structured. 


Some INTPs can also be:

  • Stubborn

  • Dominant

  • Intolerant

  • Impatient

  • Arrogant

  • Unemotional

  • Cold

  • Ruthless

Under stress, INTPs may feel overwhelmed and misunderstood.


How INTPs typically operate in the workplace:

  • As Subordinates - they are innovative, resourceful, and hard-working, easily wrapping their minds around whatever complex problems are placed in front of them and delivering unorthodox but effective solutions.

  • As Colleagues - they are unusually good at developing insightful and unbiased interpretations of others’ motivations.

  • As Managers - they are good at directing concepts and theories while others handle the logistics.


Other well-known INTPs include:

  • Albert Einstein

  • Isaac Newton

  • Marie Curie

  • Rene Descartes

  • Charles Darwin

  • Harper Lee

  • Thomas Jefferson

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